Gifts for Runners: 9 Present Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

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Are you looking for the best gifts for runners? Maybe you’re searching for a stocking-filler for a sporty loved one? Or perhaps you need a Secret Santa present for the athlete in your workplace? The following running-related gift ideas are sure to raise a smile – or even a heart-rate.

Choosing gifts for runners can be tricky. Most runners will already have all the essential running kit sorted. If not, they can be very particular about the styles and brands they use. So, choosing for them may be risky.

But don’t sweat it. You can still choose from a variety of running-inspired accessories, tokens or trinkets. Here are some ideas to pick from:

1. Classic Running Books

Is your gift for a seasonal occasion? Seasonal holidays are a great time to pick up a good book. Fortunately, there are some classic running titles out there.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall has gained cult status amongst runners. This non-fiction classic begins with the question: ‘Why does my foot hurt?’ In his search for an answer, McDougall kick-started a fiery debate about footwear which continues to this day.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a memoir by author Haruki Murakami. Alongside writing bestsellers such as Norwegian Wood, Murakami is a seasoned marathon runner. In this short book, he reflects on a lifetime of writing and running – and how each has influenced the other.

Fiction-lovers will lose themselves in John L. Parker Jr.’s Once a Runner. Written by a runner – and originally sold at races from the trunk of his car – this novel gets under the skin of a university sprinter as he obsessively pursues his next goal. The quest for a personal best continues in the sequel Again to Carthage.

2. Personalised parkrun Barcode Wristband

Does your gift recipient regularly attend their local parkrun? The organisation’s unofficial motto is ‘don’t forget your barcode.’ If your recipient takes along a dog-eared printout of theirs each week, it may be time for an upgrade. Get them a personalised parkrun barcode wristband. The runner’s barcode, name and emergency contact details are laser-cut into the rubber wristband. The result is a durable, waterproof and convenient barcode. They’ll never have an excuse to forget it again. Note, you’ll need to know the runner’s barcode number to place your order.

3. RooSport Running Storage Pouch

Sometimes, runners need to carry a surprising amount. On a single run they may need a phone, keys, cash and energy gels. Few garments have enough inbuilt pocket space for all these items. However, RooSport provides the answer. This detachable pocket fastens onto any waistband using a strong magnetic clip – instantly providing additional storage space for these essentials. The open pocket on the top provides quick-access, which is great for gels. Meanwhile, the concealed zipped-pocket offers a secure space for keys or cash. It’s also completely washable.

4. Wristband for Keys

Some runs call for the RooSport. Others only require a front-door key. Yet, this is one item no runner wants to lose. Fortunately, there are two accessories that can keep it safe. For a single key, a keyfix fitness wristband provides a secure slot on an adjustable watch-style plastic strap. This option is waterproof and provides easy-access. Alternatively, you could purchase a Suddora sweatband wristband with an inbuilt zipped-pocket. This option contains space for multiple keys or even additional cash.

5. Event Clips Race-bib Fasteners

At each race, runners have to affix their race numbers to their shirts. Usually, safety pins do the trick. But no one enjoys jabbing holes through their favourite running top. Luckily, Event Clips offer a pin-less and pain-free alternative. These snap-lock clips come in two parts. Place one either side of the garment, then they clasp together through the fabric.  The only trace is a small dimple which comes out in the wash. Event Clips can be used again and again. Plus, you can order clips printed with a name or logo if you want to add a personal touch.

6. Race Memento Jewellery

Has your gift recipient recently completed a milestone distance, like a half or full marathon? Perhaps they’d like a keepsake to recall their achievement by. There are some neat milestone bracelets or necklaces on the market. Give them a pendant or charm-bracelet as an everyday reminder of what they’ve achieved.

7. Boot Banana Shoe Deodorisers

Every runner has something to hide: their smelly trainers. If you’re shopping for a partner or family member, perhaps you share a space with their sweaty sneakers too! In that case, Boot Bananas may be a gift for the whole household. These banana-shaped boot-fresheners come in packs of two. Slip one in each shoe and let the moisture-absorbing and anti-odour properties begin their magic. Despite their comical appearance, Boot Bananas bring serious relief.

8. Race Memento Frame

After a race, what does your gift-recipient do with their finishers medals and race numbers? Do they hide them in a drawer or discard them out of sight? These tokens deserve to be on display. Medals can be hung in a small box frame. Meanwhile, a race-bib can be mounted in a square frame – or several can be collaged together in a larger frame. Then, they can be displayed on a wall, bookshelf or mantelpiece where the achievement can be celebrated!

9. Magazine Subscription

Do none of the above catch your imagination? Well, what better gift than the latest running news, workout tips and training plans direct to their door? Sign them up for a subscription to their favourite running magazine. Popular titles in the UK include Runners World, Women’s Running, Men’s Running and Trail Running Magazine.

Something for Everyone

From paperbacks to parkrun accessories, the gift ideas above offer something for everyone – whether a friend, family member or colleague. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you could even wrap your gift in some running-print wrapping paper!

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