Want to Get Active? 5 Reasons to Choose Running

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Have you made a fitness resolution for the New Year? Or is someone you know looking to get active? Perhaps exercise is new to you and you’re unsure which activity to choose.

Running is a great option. It’s cheap, convenient and inclusive. Here are five reasons to choose running as your sport.

1. Get Going for Free

If you own a pair of trainers, you can get started. You won’t have to stump up a registration fee or pay a monthly membership. Just lace up and go. Yes, you will need to purchase a few essentials early on. But once you’ve got the basic kit sorted, you have everything you need to get fit.

2. Do it Any Time

You can plan your runs around your lifestyle. There are no opening times and you don’t need to book. So, you can simply fit a run around your day. How about an energising session before work? Or lunchtime jogs to let off steam? Alternatively, try run-commuting – you’ll get fit and get home at the same time! Running can work around you.

3. Take it Anywhere

You can start a run wherever you are. What could be more convenient? You don’t have to travel to a gym, court or pitch. Just head out the door when it suits you. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go. If you’re working away from home or going on holiday, your running doesn’t have to go on hold. Simply pack your trainers.

4. Invite a Friend

Running is free and can be done any time and anywhere. As a result, almost anyone can do it. So, why not invite a friend along?  Instead of catching-up over a glass or two, try a mile or two!  Scheduling a regular running meet-up will help make fitness part of your routine. Plus, running together will hold you both accountable. In this way, turning a run into a  social event can contribute to building a long-term fitness habit.

5. Set Your Own Pace

If you’re just starting out, you can go at your own pace. You don’t have to keep up with a class or instructor and there are no rules to follow. You can tailor each workout to suit you.

Staying Power

If you’re looking to get active, the best way is to find a sport you can stick to. All five reasons above make running an easy sport to take up and a flexible activity to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Now you’ve chosen running as your sport, the next step is to get out and run. Find your get-up-and-go with these seven motivation hacks.



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